Thursday, March 11


Hello and welcome!

We are Cinnamon and Truffle, two sisters separated by the Atlantic Ocean but united by our love of food. Cinnamon lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and Truffle lives in London, England. Together, we hope to share with you our experience of food. We will be blogging about anything related to our food experiences - recipes, ingredients, what worked, what didn't, why not, food provenance, growing your own herbs, health tips ... anything that grabs our interest about the wonderful world of food! So join us on our journey of exploration and celebration of the art of food. We hope you'll enjoy it and that you'll share your ideas and discoveries with us too.

Gastronomically yours,

Cinnamon & Truffle

1 comment:

Randy Gottlieb said...

Great fun reading up on all this! Will you ladies be including recipes when available? I'm now craving treacle tarts...


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