About Us

The Back Story

Cinnamon and Truffle are two sisters separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Cinnamon lives in the picturesque town of Davidson, North Carolina, and Truffle lives in buzzing London.

We grew up in Singapore, a city-state with a unique and multicultural food scene. Over almost 200 years, Singapore drew from influences around the region and beyond - absorbing, incubating and percolating ingredients and techniques from cuisines around South East Asia, India and China - and it developed its own characteristic spicy, savoury, intense and awesome fare.

Since then, Cinnamon has lived in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Portugal and San Francisco, finally settling in North Carolina. Truffle moved to the UK and hasn't budged yet, although travels have taken her around Europe, to Australia, Africa, South America and the US. With loved ones spread across the globe, we find ourselves criss-crossing oceans and continents, in search of family and friends - and we manage to fit in some fabulous foodie experiences along the way!

The idea for this blog came out of one of Cinnamon and Truffle's many trans-Atlantic phone conversations (usually taking place with Cinnamon driving to work on the I-77 and Truffle in her studio in central London). The blog has become many things for us, including: a way for us to keep in touch with each other, a platform to exchange our foodie experiences and ideas, a place to share our discoveries with our friends, a way to get some positive energy flowing, and also a space in which to puzzle out some of life's challenges. We hope you enjoy our blog.

Who We Are

Cinnamon works in the finance industry in Charlotte, NC, is married to Prince Charming and has two children, 9-year-old Chocolate and 11-year-old Vanilla. There is no such thing as spare time in her world, but she somehow makes time to write this blog, work with charities, and tend to roses and wisteria in her garden.

Truffle spent a few years in the City of London helping companies sue other companies. After some thinking, she said adios to the concrete jungle to work for herself, and she now fronts a rock band called Resonance. She's married to Frangelico, to whom she's indebted for allowing her to take over their living room with her computers, cameras, gadgets and guitars. When she's not exploring, writing songs or strategising, Truffle plays tennis.


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