Sunday, March 21

Coleslaw and Yorkshire Pudding...

... was one of the blog names we considered before stumbling upon Cinnamon and Truffle. Hence, on my recent trip to DC for Spring break, where I routinely forgot to photograph the great food that I had the pleasure of consuming, I decided to try out the Steak and Yorkshire Pudding at the Elephant and Castle. Before I get into the finer details of the Yorkshire Pudding, I would like to take 10 seconds to point out what a wonderful city DC is. Wide avenues, beautiful trees, open green spaces and beautiful architecture. My favorite thing about DC is the Smithsonian Institute that encompasses the numerous museums, free to one and all. What a wonderful use of tax-payers' money. No, honestly. I'd rather spend my 40% on art than on guns. I could very easily live there and will endeavor to draw Yorkshire Pudding...I mean move there with her husband.

So, Yorkshire Pudding, the dish, was delicious and the West Coast IPA that I ordered, Dogfish Head I believe, paired rather well with it. The steak was a little overcooked for my liking, but what I enjoyed were the sails of eggy, light and stretchy Yorkshire Pudding that went with it. There was a nice brown, onion based gravy that topped it all and brought it all together.

If you are interested in visiting the Elephant and Castle in DC, it is on Pennsylvania Avenue and gets very crowded during lunch. If you have little ones like I do, they have a good children's menu with real fish and chips (called Dora's fish and chips) and kid-sized shepherd's pie called Diego's meat and potatoes (or something like that).

Err, just googled Elephant and Castle - sorry to disappoint our readers, but it is a, gasp, chain! I have a theoretical aversion to chain restaurants, but must admit, I did enjoy our lunch at E&C.

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