Friday, March 26

Roti Canai

During our recent trip to DC, we went to Ten Temph for dinner - quite a formal, chi-chi restaurant serving Asian fusion. There were no other children except for ours, and the men wore suits, and the women too much make-up and many heads turned with a raised eyebrow or two to look at my little ones. In any case, the food was terrific and was enjoyed by this family of four. Apart from the half-hourly dropping of chopsticks, my troupe was well behaved and enjoyed the Asian fare that was ordered for the table to share.

My favorite dish was the Roti Canai served as an appetizer. Roti Canai is a South-East Asian dish made by Indian immigrants that goes by its alternative name of Murtabak in Singapore. Roti Canai is its Malaysian name. It is essentially layered bread, rolled multiple times, separated by copious amounts of oil, stuffed with curried lamb or chicken, served with saucy curry on the side. As a stroke of genius, this restaurant had substituted the traditional dough with simple filo pastry, and simply stuffed it with chicken curry. It was crispier than the original dish, and the butter of the french pastry added an unusual twist, and yet was a good complement to the curry on the inside.

Why a picture of the Kashi pack, you ask? Well, whilst at work last week, as I was chewing on the so-called protein bar (more like cardboard bar) to tide me over to lunch, I wished that I had a plate of Roti Canai instead.


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