Friday, July 27

food for the body, food for the soul

I might have mentioned some weeks ago the reason for the drop in blogging frequency: i.e., I've been spending a lot of time on music. Writing songs and gigging around the city requires a lot of energy, though, and the restaurant circuit still gets plenty of visits! (Just not so many photos and written observations from Truffle.)

Next weekend, there's a wonderful opportunity to combine both the music-making and the feasting. So, if you want food for the body as well as for the soul, read on!

Global Feast 2012 is a supperclub* festival taking place in London from 25 July to 13 August. Coinciding with the event-that-may-not-be-named, it will feature 20 top London supperclubs on 20 nights at the Old Town Hall in Stratford. The festival kicks off with a West African night on day 1, and then it winds it way through the rest of Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia before landing in the Antipodes. 

It's an ambitious event, and having been at the press launch earlier this week, I can tell you I was impressed at the energy and passion that's behind this project. I hope it prospers. There are plenty of high-quality supperclub chefs out there who want to feed you, people of London!

Day 12 will feature Truffle's all-time favourite supperclub, +65. This Singaporean supperclub has been discussed a number of times here**, and I am absolutely thrilled that Goz, the rockstar chef of +65, has asked me to play at his dinner. Want to see Truffle play guitar and sing, while feasting on Goz's amazing food? What are you waiting for? Get booking!

Flying the flag for Singaporean cuisine

More shapes of things to come (photo credit: Shu Han of Mummy, I Can Cook)

Date: Sunday, 5 August 2012
Time: Welcome from 6.30pm and first course at 7.30pm (times are estimates only)
Place: The Old Town Hall, 29 Broadway, London E15 4BQ

Follow my Facebook event page for updates:



*A supperclub, in this context, is a private dinner party hosted by a professional or hobby chef usually in his/her home. Members of the public may secure spaces to attend the dinners, and they pay a suggested donation amount in return. The supperclubs I'm talking about have nothing to do with that worldwide restaurant chain with beds. You have been warned.

**As if you needed any more enticement, check out photos from an earlier post of mine about the +65 Supperclub.

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Going With My Gut said...

Have a great time at the Global Feast gig! Knock their socks off

Wen X


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