Tuesday, August 30

Relish, Singapore

Eating all that South East Asian food in Singapore is great, but sometimes you get a craving for something not so spicy. Yes, I'll admit it, I want some relatively bland food, in the same way my dad needs a regular fix of chili when he's traveling in Europe.

To this end, Frangelico, my dad and I visited a new burger bistro in the city. (It's apparently been there for 3 years, but hey it's new to me.) Owned by the same group that gave us Wild Rocket - a rockin' Modern Singaporean experience - Relish features burgers, shakes, rings, fries and pastas.

Spam fries - because just spam wasn't good enough

To start, we had spam fries. You read that right. Someone decided to capitalise on Singaporeans' inexplicable obsession with 'luncheon meat' and deep-fried it. I was really looking forward to this - imagining thin and crispy on the outside with tender and salty on the inside. The end result wasn't quite like that, but the lemongrass dip was interesting.

Onion rings with curry mayo

We also had to do the onion rings. These were fab, served with a curry mayo. It took me straight back to the McD's curry sauce of my primary school days (required reading with the chicken nuggets).

Bacon cheeseburger (no idea what the green stuff on the side is for)

No one wanted to be the one to come to a burger bistro and order the pasta (despite one very interesting Singaporean fusion spaghetti), so all of us had the burgers. Mine with sun-dried tomato relish was delicious. The others had cheeseburgers with bacon, also good. The burgers are worthy of the praise they receive. They tasted freshly made with good ingredients. Relish tells you on its menu that they use only nice parts of the cow: chuck, shin and rib-eye. They prefer not to use the weird parts, like the tail, nose and ears. I hadn't realised that stuff typically went into burgers, but now I know...

Photos of the lush tropical greenery and sunlight really don't help on weeks like this

Instruction duly followed




Hungry Female said...

Totally know what you mean about needing something less spicy when eating Asian food all the time! I do crave my bread sometimes. And now you've made me want a burger. With fries and onion rings.

I'm So Fancy said...

Ooh I love to eat the hottest food I can, until I sweat and weep. But I suppose eventually I could get tired of it...spam fries though I'm not sure...

Going With My Gut said...

YES! I love Willin Low's spam fries. Need to try to make it a home... come by to try the results ;-)


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