Thursday, March 24

Piri Piri Sausalito

This post has nothing to do with the little town across the Golden Gate from San Francisco. Sorry. I happened to pass through Sausalito on the way from Muir Woods back to San Francisco, and I really liked the sound of the name and was intrigued by the different pronunciations in American-English (sauce-a-lido) and Spanish (sow-sa-lee-to). A 'sausal' is a willow, and Sausalito therefore derives its name from little willows. So now this post does have something to do with the town after all.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our piri piri sauce-a-lido from last night. Hint, hint, Cinnamon!

Paprika, chili, red onion, lemon zest, lemon juice, white wine vinegar

Covered with basil

Sautéed red peppers awaiting addition of more peppers and chicken

Et voilá!

The recipe is Jamie's, from that fabulous new book I talked about back in January. Except that I had to use green chili instead of the real piri piri. So, in truth, what this post isn't about at all is the piri piri. Still, that doesn't mean Cinnamon's off the hook just yet...




mother of purl said...

Oh my goodness, I am actually salivating after reading that! xx

Cinnamon and Truffle said...

It's the magic of the lemon! ;)


Mañana Mama said...

Truffle, you cannot simply post these pictures and leave it at that (you leave readers such as me literally drooling in a most undignified manner) must start a catering service!!!

Cinnamon and Truffle said...

hee hee, now everyone knows what it's like to be Singaporean - constantly looking at food and drooling.

as for catering, Mama, i still owe you a lunch!



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