Tuesday, March 8

Food from an Angel

Did you read my last post? Stressful time in Singapore, father undergoing heart surgery, me stuffing my face in the name of stress? Well, the hectic mania seemed to continue upon my return to NC. News of father's health possibly worsening, heavy workload at the office, nanny on vacation, Prince Charming working very long hours due to a new position at work, and the onset of a sinus infection. 

Did I mention our nanny was on vacation? That was possibly the worst part. Don't get me wrong, she is the sweetest, most gentle young lady I have ever met and she is very good with the children. She had very fairly informed us of her vacation when we hired her in early January and we knew this was coming. BUT, no nanny meant the kids laundry needed doing, dinner needed prep, the house was a mess, and I was going mad.

Prince Charming and I were taking turns picking the kids up and on one of the days that he returned with the dynamic duo, this was what was waiting for them at the front door:

Food from an Angel!

A lovely red picnic basket bursting with food!  (Confession time: Prince Charming did not take the photo with the basket bursting with food. I placed it out the next day filled with a few empty boxes for the photo. Hence the rather slumped look...).

That night, we enjoyed a feast of spaghetti with meatballs, mushroom and avocado salad, and a moist chocolatey fudge brownie for dessert. We all went to bed satisfied that night, happily singing Snuffaluffagus's theme song. 

Thank you, Brown Sugar Cookie. You are an angel to so many of us in this community. And, we love you too. 


BSC, I'll return your basket and things when I see you on Thursday!

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