Monday, December 26

Pandan sighting!

Frangelico and I were at the Singapore Botanic Gardens this afternoon. Walking around the Orchid Garden, I said to him that I could suddenly smell pandan in the air. That reminded me that I'd tried to describe the fragrance of pandan to you guys by saying that it's what a South East Asian rainforest smells like after the rain. (Part of the grounds of the Botanic Gardens, incidentally, consists of 6 hectares of rainforest. Singapore is home to one of only two urban, city centre rainforests in the world. The other one's in Brazil.) Just as I'd made the pandan remark, I spotted this!

So now I finally know what pandan leaves look like as they're emerging from the ground. I was seriously excited by the find and wanted to share it with you guys. (Yes, I'm a geek. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'd already know that.)

This makes me think that a South East Asian rainforest probably smells of pandan after the rain, because there is a lot of fragrant pandan growing in it... Caught in a circularity trap, I am.

Anyway, here are pictures of some of the stunning rare cultivars in the Orchid Garden. Don't say we only ever talk to y'all about food. :)




sparklydatepalm said...

I visited the Botanic Gardens a few years ago (wonder why I was in Singapore?) and noticed the orchid garden has varieties of orchids named after heads of state. The orchid name after the then Irish Taoiseach looked like a thistle. These days I'm sure a lot of people would agree with the orchid garden verdict!

Going With My Gut said...

We used to have a pandan plant in our back garden in the house I grew up in. I miss going out to harvest a few leaves whenever Mum / Grandma needed some to make kueh or chicken rice.



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