Sunday, May 15

Bad Combinations

I’m a fan of Kate Takes 5’s Listography, but I’m not a frequent contributor, as I can’t always find a food angle to squeeze into the topics.  This one was easy peasy: Bad Combinations.  There are plenty of those in the food industry, so here goes…

1. Good Food / Bad Service

Don’t do it, people.  If you’ve taken all that trouble to come up with a good product, don’t go and kill it by p!ssing your customers off.  It’s more irritating than split infinitives to a grammarian, and it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.  (And if you’re a customer who has experienced bad service, please tell the restaurant.  Otherwise it just encourages the b@stards to keep going.)

NB: Sorry, I realise I sound a bit grumpy today!  Wonder why that is.  Anyhoo, back to the list…

2. Blonde hair in your food / Black hair on your head

It ain’t mine, and I ain’t touching it.

3. Chocolate / Peppermint

I remember a wonderful evening that Frangelico and I had with Cinnamon and Prince Charming.  They had recently moved to North Carolina, and as we were visiting, took us out to a fabulous dinner.  Everything was going swimmingly, until a beautiful warm chocolate soufflé appeared.  Before I knew what was happening, the waiter had fished out a teaspoon, drilled a hole in the middle of the soufflé, and poured a cold peppermint cream into the centre.  Nooooooooooo…..!  Cue Truffle carrying out an operation to rescue the luscious chocolate from the icy throes of the peppermint.

4. Queuing for a table at a rated dim sum restaurant / Seeing the waiters walking in from the street, carrying M&S carrier bags with microwaveable dim sum packets visible within

Yes, I saw it.  Yes, I still remember where it was.  Unfortunately, since I didn’t snap a photo as evidence, I don't think I ought to risk a defamation suit by telling you who the perp was.

And finally, if I might take some liberty with Kate’s rules, I’m going to finish with a good combination.

5. Good Food / People You Love / Everyone Having a Fabulous Time (and Not Fighting!)

Because, in truth, that’s what some of the best and most memorable food experiences are about.




Kate said...

A perfect list - esp. no 5! Thanks for joining in - you just made it!

Vanessa said...

Wow! I'm so going to try M&S dim sum now!

Cinnamon and Truffle said...

Kate - Phew! I'd have made it sooner had Blogger not been misbehaving over the last few days too.

Vanessa - Whoops. I seem to have made an unintended product endorsement there. :) Well, if you do try the M&S dim sum, you might want to deep fry it and accompany it with plenty of garlicky chili oil to get the real X restaurant flavour! (I imagine the restaurant in question doesn't object to a few shakes of MSG powder either...)

I'm So Fancy said...

Peppermint patties! Junior Mints! ARGH!!!!!!!! Have some respect lady! :-)

Bibsey Mama said...

Yup. Bad service ruins good food. I am so crap a complaining though... I just don't go back. Should grow some balls I guess.



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