Sunday, February 13

Introducing Frangelico

For a while now, I've been trying to think of an appropriate foodie code-name for my husband. I've spoken about him in posts before, but it's so oddly distant to use the words 'my husband' or 'hubby', because in my head I know him as [can't tell you his name here]. I asked him again this evening what foodie name we should give him. And he had the perfect answer: Frangelico.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce, also, the delicious hazelnut liqueur from Italy. You can read about the legend behind the liqueur if you click on the picture below.

We introduced this divine drink to some friends last week, who liked it so much that they had a bottle sourced for the bridal table at their wedding. It's a mellow liqueur, which when swirled in the glass gives you a heady fragrance of smooth hazelnuts. It's best with a few cubes of ice, but Gruppo Campari has a whole host of serving suggestions I'm sure. The bottle's cute too, complete with a monk's habit and cord.



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