Monday, November 22

Traveling through Space and Time

Wow, what can I say. I stepped off the plane hours ago this morning, but part of me is still in Davidson, part of me is in an ascending plane above the night lights of Charlotte, part of me is sleeping with twisted neck in a dark cabin lulled by the sound of twin jet engines, and part of me is on the way home in the morning sunlight as Londoners wait on station platforms for their trains to work (pun accidental). Travel refreshes and the jet lag disorients. And so, even after a four-hour nap (during which I dreamt of Cinnamon’s daughter, Chocolate, calling for her uncle), I still feel like I’m in a dream.

I have so much material from the trip that I really don’t know where to start. I’d like to talk about the awesome evening of desserts with our awesome supporters in Davidson, the Southern barbeque lunch with Swiss Chocolate and Roshogolla, the great foodie stuff Cinnamon and I got up to, Cinnamon’s and Prince Charming’s excellent steak and salad dinner cooked for us at home, French toast and pancake breakfasts on the weekend, my American food discoveries… the list goes on.

As I said, I don’t know where to start. But I feel like I should pick whatever feeling most overwhelms me right now. And that’s easy. What I feel most is gratitude for the amazing sister I have, with whom I had such a wonderful time. She’s talented, beautiful, kind and generous. And she somehow manages to combine having a brilliant and innovative organisational brain with a fun feeling for life and a great sense of humour. I was so happy to see her in her environment, with her loving family and her supportive friends. I am truly grateful for the friends she has. I loved meeting you, our Davidson and Charlotte C&T supporters! You guys and Cinnamon have a great positive energy (positive energy is really important to me), and I found it inspirational. Cinnamon herself has inspired me with many ideas – from charity work to discussion groups to trying to cook a Thanksgiving dinner (or at least the parts I like – stuffing and pumpkin pie!). So I have a lot to work with in the upcoming new year. As I said to Autumn Leaf (who still has, I understand, a foodie name pending), I left the law to do something that would resonate with me. And with my amazing sister’s support, I think I’m finding my way.




sutapa said...

Hey nice post...It was wonderful meeting you and enjoyed the lunch with you and Cinnamon.

~Mama said...

What a lovely lyrical post. Reading it has filled me with positive energy too, a truly fitting mood for Thanksgiving week. Truffle fought the law, and Truffle won. Welcome home.

Autumn said...

I made the blog, I made the blog, I made the blog! :-) And for what it's worth, I think you are finding your way, too. Lovely to meet you and share such a fun evening-- xoxo, Autumn Leaf

Cinnamon and Truffle said...

Hey Sutapa, it was so great to finally meet you too! And I completely forgot to thank you for introducing Cinnamon to 'I Hate Luv Storys' - we all enjoyed watching it here in London.

Dear Autumn Leaf, thank you for your lovely message. It was great to meet you, and I really enjoyed our conversation. Here is a link to the guy I was talking about whose name I couldn't remember (Michael Pollan): He has some interesting articles on that page about healthful food and the food industry.

And thank you, ~Mama, for the welcome home...




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