Sunday, October 10

Dear Manana Mama...

...THANK YOU for your comment and your recipe for Chicken Schnitzel last week. I tried it yesterday and it was a hit! My children were so tickled that they were being served Schnitzel for dinner that my five-year old sang the song "My Favorite Things" five times before she settled down at the table.

I could not, however, find Spike Seasoning, so I made a few modifications. With a little bit of research on the net, the following is what I ended up doing:

-3 pieces chicken breast, marinated in lemon juice, fat trimmed and cut into halves. I wrapped it in paper towels and bashed the heck out of it
-beat 2 eggs with salt and pepper
-1 cup Italian bread crumbs and 1/2 cup parmesan cheese, a couple of rounds in the food processor
-dip chicken into egg mixture and bread crumb mixture
-fry 2 pieces at a time on medium heat with 2 Tbsp oil for three minutes on each side (Truffle, this is the secret to cooking chicken breast perfectly. I've never managed to get it right before, so remember this tip!)
-keep pieces warm in the oven
-slosh some white wine in the same frying pan, add 1/2 cup chicken broth, salt and pepper, chopped up cilantro and bring to simmer. Turn off and add a little bit of cream and 1 tsp flour to thicken.

Serve chicken with sauce on the side with sliced potatoes and micro-waved broccoli and listen to children sing "My Favorite Things" with huge smiles on their faces.

The next day, I had some extra Schnitzel left. So, I made some Laksa from an instant spice past package my mother had brought from Singapore. I sliced up the Schnitzel and placed it on top of the spicy noodles which were sitting in their curried soup. My eight-year old understood my sense of humor and laughed his head off at the sight of the Singaporean interpretation of Schnitzel with noodles.



sutapa said...

I am trying this next week.

~Mama said...

Cinnamon, I am impressed, what a classy way to spice up my old chicken schnitzel recipe! I will serve my next round with your coriander sauce (and any leftovers over noodles!). My kids love chicken schnitzel (though they haven't figured out how to sing about their favourite things just yet)--glad yours do to!

Anonymous said...

Tried out today and it turned out so well. Instead of frying it on the pan I put it in the oven 20 min on each side at 180 deg C on a greased tray.

Made some Potato Wedges to go with it and steamed vegetables in the microwave.

Got a Cinco Estrelas certificate from Maria.-

Cinnamon and Truffle said...

5 Stars from Maria? Wow, that's quite an accomplishment, especially when it is one of her favorite things.... ;)


Anonymous said...

hi Cinnamon! i shall attempt to try this recipe this sat. i'm a disaster in the kitchen, tho'.


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